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In today's scenario of globalisation and complex legal reporting, the process of keeping accounts has been redefined.


Our audit is special because of the people who do it as we only recruit the best, and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty if it means they really get to understand your business.

Credit Monitoring Services

We have a niche in providing Credit Monitoring Services to banks. Here, we provide following services for most of the private sector and foreign banks for entire India

Welcome to SDP & Associates

SDP & Associates is one of the up-coming Chartered Accountants firms in Kolkata, India. The partnership firm was established early in 1993 in Kolkata and now has its presence in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. SDP & Associates has grown to its present position through sheer hard work, good client’s relation and their satisfaction.

SDPA offers skills to varied types of clients ranging from corporate sector, public sector undertakings, banks, charitable institutions, small and medium level firms and individuals. The mode of working of the partners and employees depends on the business needs of each organization, which are then separately assessed and the solutions tailored as per their requirements.

As the firm brings its fold a broad range of clients operations, the partners and employees have been able to benefit from various practical experience as in Audit Services, System Study, Management Consultancy, Taxation (Both Direct and Indirect), Financial Accounting, Payroll Accounting, Corporate Audit (Internal, Statutory and Management) and Bank audits (Statutory, Stock & Debtors, Concurrent, Due Diligence), Outsourcing Services and Company Law Matters.

Business needs of each organization are separately assessed and solutions unique to each different environment is provided.